Peter Lik's "Pele's Whisper" for Sale

To admirers of Peter Lik art:

I currently own a Limited Edition, Original Print, of Peter Lik's "Pele's Whisper" (number 444/950) at the 100 cm size. It was framed by Peter Lik's Gallery on a black linen, on a black woonden frame. I'm asking $9,995. The price includes shipping of "Pele's Whisper" to any of the contiguous lower 48 States, on a wooden crate. It will be insured for the full amount and it will be shipped FOB shipment* A picture of number 444 is below, as well as a picture of the Certificate of Authenticity.

Pele's Whisper Thumbnail 1
Pele's Whisper Thumbnail 2
Pele's Whispter Certificate of Authenticity Thumbnail
Pictures of "Pele's Whisper" Certificate of Authenticity

Arrangements can be made to view "Pele's Whisper" in Gainesville, Florida. In March 2009, I sold Peter Lik's Ghost, and February 2012 I sold "Fire Rock" If you are curious about the uniqueness of "Pele's Whisper", I suggest you contact a Peter Lik Gallery. You can locate one at Peter Lik Art.
If you are interested in purchasing it, you can contact me using the entry boxes below. I request that you contact me via the entry boxes below because it's the way I reduce the amount of spam I receive.

We are also selling Peter Lik's "Tranquility" and "Heaven on Earth"

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*For shipments to any of the lower forty-eight states of the United States, Pele's Whisper ("the work") will be packed by the Seller, insured against loss or damage in transit for the full amount of the purchase price of the Work and shipped F.O.B. Gainesville, Florida, Freight Allowed. Title passes to buyer when goods leave the seller's dock. Seller pays freight charges. Seller bears freight charges. Buyer owns goods in transit. Buyer files insurance claims, if any, for loss or damage in transit. Shipping charges will be negotiated by buyer and seller for shipments of the Work to any destination outside of the lower forty-eight states of the United States.